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Tone Shop Clinician Stage:
2:30     Eventide:  New “bit -bucket” modulated delay pedal, "Rose"
3:10     Reverend presents Greg Koch 
3:50     Boss
4:30     Knaggs Guitars presents:  Eric Steckel & Larry Mitchell
5:10     Ernie Ball


Young Guns Stage:
12:00   Stanley Brothers and Texas Overdrive
1:15     Ben Goldsmith
2:30     Dylan Koski
3:30     Jack Barksdale
4:30     Griffin Tucker and the Real Rock Revolution
5:30     School of Rock AllStars


Category 5 Stage:
12:15  Rob Balducci
1:30    Stone Cold Sweat
2:30    Paul Reed Smith & Boscoe France
3:30    Greg Koch & Rick Vito
4:45    Kara Grainger & Chris Rodriguez:  Blood Sweat & Tears

6:30    Derek St.Holmes

Sweetwater Stage: Girls of Guitar
12:15  School of Rock Girls
1:30    Kara Grainger
2:45    Kayla Lopez of Trans-Siberian Orchestra
4:00    Ally Venable
5:15    Jackie Venson
6:30    Joanna Connor
7:45    Arielle

9:00    All Star Jam:  Girls of Guitar: Kara Grainger, Kayla Lopez, 
          Ally Venable, Jackie Venson, Joanna  Connor & Arielle.  
          Jimmy Wallace’s Guitar Army:  Featuring Jerry Don Branch with 
          Rick Vito, Greg Koch, Paul Reed Smith, Boscoe France, 
          Derek St.Holmes, Van Wilks, Larry Mitchell,
          Eric Steckel, Redd Volkaert, Reese Malone, Kelsie Kee and 
          The Stratoblasters.  


Tone Shop Clinician Stage: 
10:50    Boss
11:35    Big Joe Stomp Box
12:25    Tom Murphy
1:05      Knaggs Guitars presents Eric Steckel & Larry Mitchell
2:00      Gibson Master Class - Electric Guitar Tone: Mike Voltz, Jim Lillard 
2:25      Tom VanHoose
3:05      Clint Strong
3:45      PRS Guitars:  Paul Reed Smith
4:25      Category 5: Introducing bp-20 and tweed with verb
5:05      Reverend presents Greg Koch
5:45      Eventide:  New “bit -bucket” modulated delay pedal, "Rose"

Young Guns Stage:
10:00    School of Rock All Stars
11:00    Hayden Fogle
12:15    Young Guns JAM
2:00      Reece Malone & Kelsi Kee with SFS
3:30      Anthony Cullins
4:45      Ally Venable

Category 5 Stage: 
10:00    Texas Blues Trio
11:15    Wes Jeans
12:30    Category 5 Presents:  South Austin Moonlighters
2:00      Rick Vito
3:15      Greg Koch
4:45      Phil X of Bon Jovi

Sweetwater Stage: 
10:15   Rockin’ Robert T    
11:15   Playtown with Tone Summers Danny Ross 
           and special guest JR Clark & Jackie Don Loe
12:30   Jonathan Boogie Long
1:35     Rocky Athas
2:50     Sonny Landreth
4:30     Philip Sayce
6:00     Eric Johnson with Tommy Taylor & Kyle Brock

8:00     Saturday Night JAM:  Jimmy Wallace’s Guitar Army: 
            Featuring Jerry Don Branch with  Rick Vito, Greg Koch, 
            Phil X, Kara Grainger, Chris Rodriguez, Jonathan Boogie Long, 
            Rocky Athas, Sonny Landreth, Philip Sayce, Boscoe France,
            Paul Reed Smith, Van Wilks, Redd Volkaert, Matt Schofield, 
            Derek St.Holmes, Reese Malone, Kelsi Kee and MORE!


Tone Shop Clinician Stage:
12:30    Ernie Ball
1:25      Ernie Ball Presents Young Guns Jam
2:00      Gibson Master Class - Acoustic Guitar Tone: Don Ruffatto 
2:45      Knaggs Guitars presents Eric Steckel & Larry Mitchell 
3:25      Boss
4:05      Eventide:  New “bit -bucket” modulated delay pedal,"Rose"
4:45      Big Joe Stomp Box

Young Guns Stage: 
10:30    10 Under 20 Competition
12:15    Asher Belsky
1:30      Jacob Kershaw
2:45      Young Guns JAM
4:00      Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Category 5 Stage: 
10:00    The Boogie Men
11:00    Boscoe France
12:10    Andrew JR Boy Jones fet. Kerrie Lepai
1:25      Doyle Dikes
2:40      Maylee Thomas
3:45      Category 5 Presents: Redd Volkeart’s Masters of the 
             Telecaster with Greg Koch, Chris Rodriguez, Chase Bryant 
             & Robert Miller


Sweetwater Stage: 
10:00     Landon Spradlin
11:05     Van Wilks
12:10     Ron Artis II
1:25       Buddy Whittington
2:40       Matt Schofield
3:55       Andy Timmons
5:30       Eric Gales

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